Thrive | Wednesday nights this summer!

Thrive is an evening series that offers diverse studies for all ages, and childcare is provided for children birth-2 years. The next session of Thrive will begin July 11, 2018, and most classes last 6 weeks.


Christian History.jpg

christian history

How did the Christian faith progress throughout history from the time of the 1st century? In this Study, we will go through the Middle Ages, examining that history. We will get some ideas as to why we have certain traditions in Christianity and how the beliefs and actions of Christians throughout the centuries have affected our thinking today Led by Steve Byas


Foundations of the Faith: The Doctrines Baptists Believe

The doctrines of the Bible are the foundation stones on which the Christian faith is built. These fundamental beliefs steady our faith in these turbulent times. This six-week study will be a study of the Bible, God, Jesus, the Holy Spirit, salvation, the Christian life, and end times. The book to be used in the study is available for download here. (Cost is $5.99) Led by Pastor Ed Sasnett & Dr. Preston Collins



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youth 12:two

Students 6th-12th Grade will meet for our regular Wednesday-night 12:Two study in the Youth Room.





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all-in-one bible school

Elementary children (1st-5th Grades) will learn about real, bold love through fun activities, exciting games and rich truths found in our favorite Bible stories. We're going to feature fun water play and popsicles, so wear clothes to get wet, and bring a towel! Led by Shane Babcock


This is a high-energy ministry that encourages preschool children (ages 3-K) to know Jesus Christ and grow in a relationship with Him. The elements of TeamKID (Bible stories, scripture memorization, life application, missions and recreation) connect to teach life lessons to kids.