Can we go outside? PLEASE...!

Preschoolers and children enjoy playing outside very much. They enjoy being able to run, play, explore, and be loud without the confines of being inside. They enjoy being out in the sun and climbing and playing on the outside toys. Parents benefit as well by the toys being outside instead of the middle of the living room floor!

It’s important to let children play outside. God designed our bodies to need Vitamin D, and one of the ways we get Vitamin D is from the sun. It improves mood and helps to support bone growth. It’s good for mom and dad too! While sun has its benefits, it has its own need for awareness as well. We have learned the dangers of the sun in recent years. Sunscreen is important for all of us as we move back outside. Experts say SPF 50 or higher is ideal to protect us against UV rays. If your child has allergies to a particular sunscreen, please let Ms. Glenne’ know as we will be keeping sunscreen in our classrooms for application prior to our children going outside. 

Parents who are often so very aware of safety ratings on toys that are often played with indoors can forget to be aware of those same safety ratings for toys used outside. While choking hazards aren’t much of a concern for outside toys, there are concerns about height and fall areas. Bones become stronger as your child grows and can withstand more of a jolt from a fall or jump. While preschoolers enjoy the thrills of a playground built for older children, it’s best for them to stay on toys built for their age and stage.