how to share the truth of easter

Easter, like many other holidays, has been commercialized with bunnies, chocolate, chicks, and puffed sugar creatures. As children grow, sharing the true meaning of the holiday with them is important. But it’s common for parents to be unsure of when to begin talking to their children about Easter and what they need to say.

It’s perfectly acceptable to begin sharing the truth of Easter with children as young as one. It’s the level of detail you share with them that’s important. 

One Year Olds can learn that Easter is a day that Jesus gave us a special gift.

Two and Three Year Olds can learn that Easter is the special day that celebrates when Jesus came back from the dead.

Four and Five Year Olds can learn that Jesus died on a cross even though he did nothing wrong. He was buried in a tomb, and he stayed there for three days. On the third day, Jesus came back to life! We celebrate Easter because it’s the day He rose from the dead. 

Moms and Dads, you are the best judge of how much to share with your child. God has made each child unique, and there are times when children’s development, attention span and capacity to understand will vary—regardless of age. It’s best to leave the gruesome nature of Jesus’ death to a later age. This building block structure for teaching preschoolers helps build a foundation for them to understand God’s intense desire for a relationship with them.