By Glenne' Whisenhunt
NEBC Preschool Administrator


Time. It’s something for which we often wish. It’s something that each of us has been allotted the same quantity each day. It’s just a matter of what fills those hours and minutes. The older I get (and I’m not saying I’m old!), I tend to divide the past by significant events and places. 

B.C. - Before College. That’s a time period that I had in my life before I went to college. It’s funny. Going to college scared me. I was so uncertain of what was to be! I couldn’t imagine it! I was certain I was going off on an adventure that would change my life, but I wasn’t certain how long I would stay. 

B.T. – Before Tim. That’s the time in my life that includes life after I went to college and before I met my husband, Tim.  Oh the fun that was in this time! I became involved in the BSU and was presented with many opportunities to meet new friends and begin to understand what college education really means. 

B.C. – Before Children. That’s a time referred to as the time during which Tim and I were friends, dated, and were married. It was a time filled with laughter, stories, late nights and road trips. It was a time filled with new people, college graduation, and relocating to a place where few knew us and we had to truly begin to stand on our own as adults. It also includes a time in which the decision to have children was considered with great emotion, concern and planning. We knew we wanted children but we weren’t certain of how we would be able to provide for their needs.  We weren’t certain of what parenting truly meant. What did we know at the ripe old age of 24 that had prepared us for being parents?!?!?

A.C. – After Children. This time includes the last 21 years. Oh the fun and joy we’ve had. We can’t imagine our lives without the joy and responsibility of our children! It’s been a time of sacrifice that we never could anticipate nor imagine. Sacrifices we gladly made and would do again. We’ve laughed, cried and prayed more in this era than in any other. 

As I look back at all of these, I smile. I am thankful for each of these time periods that has resulted in the life I have today. But there are two other time periods…

B.C. – Before Christ. This is the time in my life before I committed to Jesus being my Boss by asking Him to forgive me of my sins. I remember agonizing over this decision! Satan filled me with years of doubt. He provided evidence that I was already a Christian. I remember sitting on the back row of a church as a youth wondering what others would think if I went forward. I stood there silently crying. As I finally stepped out, the heaviness I felt began to lift and became lighter and lighter with each step! I couldn’t and still can’t explain it. I do know that it was my Jesus saying I’m here – I got this! That day, Jesus saved my soul from all my sins. He forgave me from my past sins, my sins of today, and those of the future. What a day! But what happens next? What was I to do after that? 

A.C. – After Christ. After Christ has been an adventure like no other! I have watched God choose to guide me, protect me and bless me more than I ever deserved. I continue to be overwhelmed by God’s measure of patience with me. I’m not perfect. I don’t make every decision as I should every time. I fall plenty. God is faithful to forgive.

Why do I write these words now? It’s part of my celebration of Easter. Easter is a time that I can celebrate the giving of my best gift of all. It’s a gift that required my decision to follow Jesus. It’s a time to reflect on the greatest sacrifice of all. God freely made the sacrifice of His son for me and for you He did it with no regrets. What a reason to celebrate! I have a time A.C. that is leading me to a time A.D. (After Death) where I know that I will spend my eternal life in Heaven with God! It’s because of God’s willingness to sacrifice for me and my willingness to trust Him to forgive me. The Bible states this gift in this way:   

For God so loved the world that He gave His only begotten son that whosoever believes in Him will not perish, but have everlasting life. John 3:16. 

Trust God. Choose to follow Jesus. Have a time A.C. so you can enjoy the security of life A.D.