As a former science teacher, I understand the scientific reason for the seasons.  However, the beginning of each season stirs specific emotions within me.  The fall is a time when I feel like God showcases the beauty of His creation with all of the red and gold hues.  I can’t think of summer without smiling!  It is a time of such fun!  Winter, however, isn’t a season I usually welcome with its dark, cold days and a landscape filled with bare trees.  But then there is spring!  The longer days and bright sunshine are such a welcomed respite from the cold, dark days!  It seems the sun wakes us up! People just seem happier! The welcome of spring isn’t just restricted to people.  All of creation seems to get in on the act!  The animals seem to become more active and are giving birth.  I become excited as I watch the grass begin to turn green and the flowers begin to bloom.  Some flowers come forth from seeds that have been dormant all winter!  I struggle with the details of how this occurs but I have learned to accept the fact that it happens and appreciate the wonder of it all.  

It seems fitting that Easter is celebrated in spring.  Spring is a time of new beginnings and Easter provides us the same opportunity.  While the events of spring are predictable, the events of Easter for the disciples weren’t.  They had been told of what was to come but they just didn’t understand.  The disciples were told that Jesus would be killed and rise from the dead.  They didn’t understand Jesus meant literally he would die.  When Jesus was arrested, the disciples were scared and sad.  When Jesus died, their hope was gone.  Their leader, friend, and teacher had died.  The loss was indescribable.

Three days later, their loss turned to confusion as the tomb where they buried the one they loved was empty.  The confusion turned to joy as they learned that Jesus had risen from the dead!  He was alive and they could truly be alive if they believed!  The disciples had many seasons of their emotions during just a few days but the many changes resulted in hope, true hope that can only come from Jesus!  I don’t understand the details of how Jesus was raised from the dead.  I don’t have to know.  I have learned to accept the fact that it happened and I appreciate the wonder of it all! 

None of God’s creation is exempted from the changes related to spring.  Spring isn’t a season isolated to just the flowers.  All of creation participates and celebrates.  So, it is with Easter.  Northeast Baptist welcomes all to join in the celebration of Easter.  One of our core values is community.  While we realize we are imperfect people doing life together, we know that we have a reason to celebrate!  We are celebrating that we have a risen Savior!  We would love to share and celebrate the wonder of Jesus’ love and sacrifice with you and your children.

Glenne' Whisenhunt is the Northeast Preschool Minister. She is passionate for the education of preschoolers and enjoys ministering to young parents and their families.